1. Doppel Me

Creates a more “Wobble”-head like cartoon with a ton of different stuff to add. Looks quite fun if you’re into all the different movie trends like Star Wars or Vampires theme. Should be quite useful for most people though. Esthetic colors and a easy to use interface. Oh, and the beginning image of your avatar is also funny.

2. My Avatar Editor

Creates a more unprofessional avatar but still quite interesting. Looks a little stiff but the range of attributes you can use adds to the unique feeling of the avatar. Interface is quite nice and it’s easy to navigate through the different categories. Looking at my finished avatar doesn’t really make me satisfied though. Although fun in a way.

3. Face Your Manga

This is one of the better ones, if not the best. Creates a really nice looking cartoon Manga styled avatar. Tons of stylized attributes to choose from and the interface is just a blast to use. It is widely used and by that it may be really boring to make yourself one in the crowd. But, still looks great when your avatar is done and finished.

4. Express Yourself

A full body avatar creator that really lets you express yourself. Body positions and a ton of great attributes to change your avatar into whatever you want and like. The cartoon style is developed and professional and really shows details so that you can go ahead and represent yourself in the very best way.

5. Unique Rasterboy

I really liked this one as it reminds me of small bad boys dolls with a lot of style. The cute stylized cartoon is more than cool and combined with the ultimately easy to use user interface it makes for one of the better avatar creators on this list for sure. As the name suggests it really feels unique and cool in a lot of different ways.

6. Avatar Face Maker

A straight up Manga avatar creator with a flawless style. The interface is broad and easy to use however a bit boring in it’s execution. The initial lack of colors makes for a poor first impression but as I started using it and added elements to my avatar I really started to like how it behaved. Only a face maker but super cool for Twitter avatars.

7. Dream Avatar

When I first entered it I was weirded out a bit. It’s stylized baby avatars that stands up. Adding elements however made for really cool avatars. The interface is easy to use and navigate but poor in visual extravagance. Also the initial avatar is small and almost creates an impression of a badly cropped image. End result quite cool though.

8. Mad Men Yourself

A really clever and unique look. Creates an avatar with a bit of 50’s / 60’s look and feel. You can really stylize your own avatar the way you would like with the many attributes. The end result is a full body avatar with attributes like a glass of martini and such. Also, don’t forget to listen to the awesome cocktail music playing while you create your avatar.

9. Alpoy

Not a cartoon avatar creator but a really cool true image avatar creator and animator. All in one online service which is really easy to use. You get to rotate, crop, move, size and animate your pictures just the way you want to in order for your Twitter avatar to express exactly how you are. Really interesting and easy to use user interface.

10. Persona Avatar Creator

This is an iPhone app that lets you create a somewhat 3D avatar with lots of different attributes right on your iPhone. It of course lets you export your finished avatar either to any of your profiles on the Internet or your computer for storage or further modification in your image processing tool. Really interesting and unique result.