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App : BerryRecord v1.0 – First Application to Record Phone Call

Berry Record is the first mobile application for the Blackberry that will enable you to record voice notes while communicating with people using the phone application.
Currently, if you are talking with someone using your phone and you bring up the Voice Note application that comes with the Blackberry, you will be prompted with an error message stating that you cannot record voice notes while phone is active. There has been some point in your life that you needed to take note of something important while on the go. Maybe the problem was the lack of a pen. Maybe it was because you were driving 70mph down the Interstate and unable to pull over and take notes. Berry Record will make it possible to complete these tasks.
To start recording notes with this application, preform the following steps:
1. Open the Berry Record.
2. Click the menu button and click on “Settings.” You have the option to save voice notes directly to your device memory or the memory card.
3. While on a call simply click the menu button then click “Record Notes.”
4. When finished, just click the menu button and click “Stop Recording Notes.”
Note: To access your recorded notes, simply open the Berry Record application and you will be shown a list of notes that you have recorded. What is nice about this application is that you do not need to have Berry Record running in the background to utilize it.


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