Mobile Tracker+ helps you track your phone without draining your
battery by giving the option of sending a start SMS trigger message to start sending phone’s location(Alerts) and sending a stop SMS keyword which will halt sending the phone’s location(Alerts). Just re-sending the start SMS trigger message will re-enable the phone’s location (Alerts).

When SIM Detect option is checked, Mobile Tracker+ will automatically start sending the phone’s location updates(alerts) once a SIM card change is detected.

The phone’s location alert messages include the phone number, Owner name, battery status, GPS co-ordinates(Latitude, Longitude, speed, accuracy & altitude) and reverse geocoding information(complete address) in both the SMS and Email messages.

Mobile Tracker+ provides the option of either one shot alerts or periodic alerts in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 minute intervals.

With the battery level indicated in the location updates, Mobile Tracker+ provides the convenience of tracking without draining the battery.

Upcoming Features in next version:
– Facility to automatically turn on GPS if GPS is disabled (only for Blackberry 6 devices).

– Option to turn on alerts when a SMS is received from a specific number.

– Retrieving Call logs(Incoming, outgoing and missed).

– Reverse geocoding information requires a data plan or wifi connection to the internet.

– Mobile Tracker+ would attempt to use the inbuilt GPS or assisted or cell tower information to retrieve GPS information, if not available it will send a location not retrieved message. There is a timeout of 5
minutes for retrieving GPS information and this might affect the interval period.

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By: Ryan

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