Sundanese Dictionary

Understanding Indonesia local language is very interesting. With more than hundreds local language, it would be a great challenges  to get some knowledge about it. One of interesting languages is Sundanese, or Basa Sunda which used more that 27 Million people as the 2nd most used local language in Indonesia. In East Java, every student from Elementary school level until High school level must learn Basa Sunda in their class.

Here  is FREE Application of Basa Sunda Dictionary “Kamus Basa Sunda”  for you. You can install on your BlackBerry.  One of the great benefit for this application that it works without using network connection. The other features is the capabilities to search in Bahasa Indonesia or Basa Sunda, which give you faster response without change menu or push any button. With more that 5.000 words available in Basa Sunda –  Bahasa Indonesia Dictionary, and another 5.000 word in Bahasa Indonesia – Basa Sunda, it will give you some basic dictionary for common conversation.

As below are some pictures about Kamus Basa Sunda Application,

You can download it here.

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