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Everyday we meet new challenges, and the result is just an impact for what we did with those challenges. Several days ago, we decided to provide more free dictionary applications.  Several vocabulary from Indonesia local language already identified, like Batak, Makassar, and several others. We do  a little research about it. We also contact some people. One of them is Ari Wahyudi from Banjarmasin, Borneo, The largest  Indonesia island. He agree to do some collaboration for sharing his personal Banjar vocabularies that collected for many times. We  thanks  for his initiatives that made  this collaboration possible.

Today,  June 16th,  we just release our first version of Kamus Bahasa Banjar, Banjar Dictionary. With the same functions, it has capability to search words in both Bahasa Banjar and Bahasa Indonesia.  It has at least 2.800 words that we hope can give basic knowledge about the Banjar Language.  We always hope that you will enjoy it as we do in develop it.


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