Untuk RR yang mencari nuansa baru ber tweet ria, bisa pakai aplikasi ini. Besutan team beejive ini menjanjikan sensasi yg beda dalam bertwitter. Berikut penjabaran di bb appworld

Link Appworld :

TweetGenius is the world s most gorgeous Twitter application, but it s more than just a pretty face — it s incredibly functional, too. Connect with your Twitter followers, view trends, share photos, and even post your GPS location all in a fast, simple, and easy-on-the-battery app.

We focused on design and ease-of-use, and from the moment you launch TweetGenius and see that cartoon-infused city skyline you ll know you re going to have a great experience. We even built in themes with more on the way soon so you can pick whatever style suits you best.

TweetGenius also optimizes its network access to minimize data traffic, and is designed to save battery power even as it fetches new tweets in the background.

Support :
– seri 98xx
– seri 97xx
– seri 96xx
– seri 95xx
– seri 93xx
– seri 90xx
– seri 89xx
– seri 85xx
– seri 83xx

Link Non appworld

Untuk BB dengan OS 5.0 ke atas Touch

Untuk BB dengan OS 4.7 Touch (9500 dan 9530)

Untuk BB dengan OS 5.0 ke atas NON touch

Untuk BB dengan OS 4.6 – 4.7

Untuk BB dengan OS 4.3 – 4.5


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