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During these weeks, we did some research in  Google Translation Service and how to integrated with Blackberry Application. Some challenges came, but we could  solve them, one by one.  The different presentation of character which are in Japanese character and Latin letter is the big challenge for us, where it should be transformed from website  to BlackBerry Application. We already find some interesting part of Google Translation, like working with several language, and  accessing voice of the sentences. Just wait for more interesting application from us, ideanesia.

Back to this application. Japanese Translator is an simple application that use Google Translation Service to  do conversion from Bahasa Indonesia to Japanese. By Simple entering Indonesia sentences, with single click, they will be transformed into Japanese Characters.

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8520-03 8520-06

Here is the OTA Installation link to run the application on Your BlackBerry.  For your information, some BlackBerry devices do not support Japanese Characters, to enable it, just install those fonts, through this OTA Link (3.1 MB). We hope you enjoy it.

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