Masak Apa is the application of recipes that can be downloaded per edition. The Content that has downloaded can be accessed whenever there is internet connection or no connection (offline access).

Edition of the recipes that you download will be stored on the menu Recipe Collection (Home) . In facilitating your search for a favorite recipe, you can select a star icon on the page then the recipes will go into the Favorites menu. You can easily create record shopping lists from a recipe by selecting the icon shopping list in the detail page which you opened.

Recommendations menu provides recommended breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes which has been tested in the kitchen of Masak Apa is always providing every days latest recipes which can be used as cooking inspiration for you and family.

For the development, criticism & suggestions regarding this application, please send an email to and all questions concerning advertising information, please send email to

Masak Apa: Selalu Ada Resep Baru

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