NUMBERCOP tracks thousands of Telemarketers and automatically blocks spam numbers before they bother you. With NUMBERCOP you can avoid phone scams, phishing calls and unwanted robo-calls, even if they have never called you before. The NUMBERCOP Phone Spam Blocker application manages a black list number database directly on your device. Similar to Antivirus software, every incoming call is checked for unwanted numbers. And because new spamming numbers emerge or change every day, NUMBERCOP includes a daily number update service.

This software only works in Indonesia and blocks spam calls for Indonesian mobile phone users only. Separate versions for other countries (US, UK, AU, CA, etc.) are available.

– Blocks spam calls from known spamming numbers
– Alerts about arriving spam text messages, like SMS
– More than 50.000 known spam numbers in our database
– Fully automated and daily number updates over the air
– Look-up and report spam numbers directly from your call log – Overrule with contact numbers stored in your phone book

Protect your privacy, identity and phone bill from telemarketers and scam artists. Try NUMBERCOP today!

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