Now manage your e-mail inbox by defining rules that automatically act on your incoming e-mails.
Automatically delete junk e-mails OR mark as Read directly on your BlackBerry® device.
There are no dependencies on desktop applications, corporate servers, third-party filtering services, or forwarding settings.


* Blacklist E-mail addresses and mark them as spam.
* Delete Emails silently from your BlackBerry® Device.
* Manage Spam Filters right from within your Email Message app by using BlackBerry® Menu button.
* Create Spam Filter from mail from existing mails using BlackBerry® Menu Button. * Backup/restore all rules to/from Device Memory OR memory card. * Complete monitoring of all email accounts.
* Full support for personal and corporate devices.

The software works silently in the background, removing all annoying spam messages as they arrive in your e-mail inbox, without ever bothering you or distracting your workflow.

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