Just put your 8 memorable photos into homescreen.
Pour the journey of life, vacation, your family loved or anything you like on blackberry theme.
* 8 user application order icons (8 in thumbnail)
* The dark screen covering thumbnail 4×2 will help you navigate easier as well as instructions that make it clear picture that appears on the slide
* Show your 8 pictures in “Slide Show” when you moves icon
* Wallpaper friendly
* Show your pictures, set as wallpaper. (Free Version)
* 8 unchangeable thumbnail. (Free Version)
* Just put your 8 favorite pictures into blackberry homescreen (Premium Version)
Use 480×360 size image for all device. Save them to microSD Card under the folder /BlackBerry/pictures and rename them as photo1.jpg until photo8.jpg, then they will be displayed on your homescreen. Change to another theme first then reactivate this one. Reboot might be required.
* Customized battery and signal meter
* Unable Landscape
* Fresh new look icon set
* All photos (childs) on home screen just for ilustration.

Download OTA via Blackberry App World
Free Theme Roll Film + Life
Paid Theme Roll Film + Life